Mission Statement

Stanton Health Center’s mission is to provide quality, personalized care to all residents while maintaining their need for independence, dignity, and respect, accomplished through cooperation, excellent medical advisors, caring staff, and supportive community.

Stanton Health Center where our motto is:

“Not NO But HOW”

US92 Tornado Relief Fundraiser

Stanton Health Center employees, family members, residents, and visitors were able to raise an astounding $5,000 for US92’s Tornado Relief Fund.  They officially conducted a check presentation on Thursday, July 17th.  A week chock full of fun fundraising activities from June 23rd to June 27th was held at Stanton Health Center to raise the large monetary donation.

A silent auction with a variety of 15 different gift baskets and prizes was held in conjunction with daily events.  A large part of the donations was received from a fun activity in which one of the Charge Nurses from the facility, Harlean Berney, was nominated to wear a dress.  Employees, visitors, and residents could contribute to one of two jars.  One jar was for Harlean to wear a lovely pink frilly prom dress for a day at work.  Another jar was to “Save Harlean” from having to wear the dress.  The staff and guests alike enjoyed the possibility of seeing Harlean in a dress, as this is not her normal attire.  There was a lot of ribbing and jest by everyone involved.  In the end, Harlean ended up spending the day in a dress but she was able to ham it up a little by wearing a beautiful complimentary sun hat as well.

On Friday, June 27th there was a large celebration in the parking lot of the facility where there was a dunk tank and pie throwing all for this great cause.  Many staff members as well as community members came out to enjoy the festivities.  Stanton Health Administrator Melissa Larson stated, ”I’m incredibly proud of the efforts of all the staff here.  They put a lot of hard work and determination into a cause that they feel passionate about.  This is another demonstration of how dedicated the staff at Stanton Health Center is.  They are amazing and generous people.”